The IT sector in Poland is one of the most promising for future employees. The crisis did not weaken the IT industry, but actually strengthened it. This is evidenced by the ever-growing number of investments in information technologies.


Continuous technological development makes IT specialists leaders in the labor market. What qualifications are the priority for employers today?

Employers are looking for specialists, and employees choose.

It is enough to browse the most famous websites that place job offers to see who is at the top of the list of the most desirable employees. 

– IT specialists are the most sought after, and the coming years will be theirs. Employers strive for designers, programmers, software testing specialists, e-commerce specialists, analysts, as well as ERP and BI system consultants and system implementers. Professionals handling databases, building and developing networks, applications and systems cannot complain about the suggestions either. It happens that the best ones change jobs even several times a year. The most attractive offers are in large cities, such as Warsaw, Kraków or Wrocław, says Anna Rybka, head of the Rinf ICT recruitment department, a company specializing in the recruitment of IT employees.

Technological knowledge and experience, but not only…

What counts in the IT sector is specialist knowledge supported by experience as well as knowledge of software languages ​​or operating systems.


These main requirements set for the candidate two years earlier were enough to offer him interesting job offers. 


– Currently, expectations towards candidates have slightly changed, they have evolved along with the changing needs of the market. Of course, strictly technical knowledge and skills are a ticket to the profession of e.g. programmer, tester, administrator, but as it turns out, employers more and more often take into account the so-called soft skills. In other words, the potential candidate should have highly developed interpersonal and communication skills. Gone are the days when computers, systems and applications were the only working environments for IT specialists. Now they also deal with people, which is why soft skills are so important, i.e. communicativeness, assertiveness and organizational skills – explains Anna Rybka.


It turns out that almost half of the job offers in the IT sector require candidates such as the ability to freely establish contacts, openness, having highly developed communication and interpersonal skills. The list of desirable features also includes the ability to think analytically, the ability to work in a team, but also independence and good organization. No less important is the willingness to develop and raise qualifications, as well as being goal-oriented. 

In addition to the software language …

In addition to a working knowledge of the software language, professionals are usually required to be fluent in English. 

– This is usually caused by working in an international environment and the organizational structure of the company. Then English becomes the everyday language in which employees communicate. There are also projects abroad, where a foreign language is essential. Nevertheless, this is what gives you the opportunity to gain international experience, learn about the latest technologies and higher salary. Interestingly, the lack of offers should not be complained by people who are fluent in languages ​​other than English – German, Swedish, Norwegian, French. Companies often look for specialists who speak their native languages, explains Anna Rybka.


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