According to recent studies, 92% of entrepreneurs use the Internet. Online advertising is currently one of the few segments where no financial declines have been recorded. More and more marketers are looking for unconventional forms of promotion via social media. 


In Poland alone, the most popular website of this type – Facebook has already exceeded 10 million users. This is a natural effect of technology that has become a part of everyday life. Due to the fact that the standard advertising message is less and less effective, more and more innovative ideas are introduced. Most companies try to use the popularity of social networking sites as much as possible and promote their products and services through them. These are the right changes, because, as research shows, Facebook fans are mostly the most valuable customers, who most often use the brand’s offer, and also willingly recommend it to others. As estimated by the Syncapse agency, one fan can reach a value of up to $ 1,600. To gather the largest community on Facebook, you need to interest the community in something special. For this purpose, many dedicated applications are created. Initial solutions of this type were mainly used for entertainment purposes. After their undisputed success, IT specialists began to wonder how to integrate social networking sites into everyday life and how to take advantage of their utility value.


It was decided to answer, among other things, one of the greatest needs of our times – saving time. For this reason, new solutions are constantly created that allow you to perform many activities without leaving your home. Forecasts in the United States show that online sales will grow around 14% annually in the next three years. Therefore, online stores entered Facebook very quickly, making it possible to buy practically via the website. The added value of such activities was the opportunity to show off your new purchases to your friends. Discount vouchers and promotional campaigns for fans on Facebook are now almost mandatory activities for every big brand. The application that allows you to take advantage of the promotion with one click is an ideal tool for store customers.


Recently, financial institutions have also been trying to reach new customers by providing them with interesting solutions that may facilitate the use of various types of services. Several banks in Poland have very functional mobile applications with which you can check the account balance or make a transfer, or withdraw cash at an ATM without using a card. Mobile networks, in turn, are outdoing each other in new options, such as the ability to pay in-store using a mobile phone. Recently, Sami Swoi, a company specializing in money transfers between Great Britain and Poland, has even introduced an unusual application that allows you to send money to your family or friends using Facebook.


By introducing mobile applications and promoting their services via social networking sites, companies show that they are open to new solutions. About 70% of companies are currently promoting on the Internet, people responsible for marketing in them realize that this is now the basis for reaching their customers. Since most of the activities can be performed without leaving your home, offers that offer the most innovative solutions will be selected. 


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