The simplest form of advertising, i.e. everything about leaflets


Walking around the city, we notice that more and more people are trying to hand us leaflets. So we get those encouraging us to take out a loan, visit a clothing store or sometimes even a gym with the attractive slogan „with this leaflet, first training -10%”.

Why have flyers become so popular? First of all, it is a cheap form of advertising. Leaflets have a simple design that does not take a lot of time for a graphic designer. Additionally, printing such leaflets is also very low-cost. On the website of the Kolumb Printing House, a company operating on the market since 2000, the customer can choose simple leaflets, the circulation of which can range from 2 to 160,000. In addition, there are as many as 6 available sizes and 11 types of paper. In the calculator available on the website, the customer can freely change the parameters: he or she decides what format the leaflet wants (the company offers the traditional A4 format, but also smaller formats, such as A6 or DL). The quality of printed leaflets is guaranteed by ISO standards, which with extremely low prices and short delivery times gives you a perfect combination.

Why are so many companies choosing to use leaflets as a means of promotion? It is undoubtedly a cheap form of advertising, but what else? Leaflets distributors often stroll near the venues they advertise.


Someone might think that this is a mistake, because if a person passes by a particular store, they usually pay attention to it. Nothing could be more wrong. It is often the case that people passing by do not look straight ahead, let alone to the sides. Therefore, it is important to be able to somehow stop a person who is too busy for a while to pay attention to building facades or shop windows. A person hands a leaflet to a potential customer, and the latter, seeing what is on it, can use the services offered to him. Of course, it does not have to, because it does not say that every person will be interested in what is written on the leaflet. However, if he stops even for a moment, he will devote his time to enter the store / premises, it will be somehow a success.

Another reason companies choose to produce flyers is because of their reach. Leaflets are given for free, require nothing but a hand from potential customers, and are distributed on normally busy streets during rush hours. The range is therefore large, of course not as huge as the range of TV or radio advertisements, but the financial outlay is also much smaller.

A good strategy is to produce some kind of discount voucher instead of the usual leaflets. It may turn out that such a hypothetical customer, after reading the leaflet, will not go straight to the advertised place, but will hide the leaflet in his pocket or wallet, counting on the moment when he will have more time or money to go to the place presented on the leaflet the premises.

Leaflets are a really popular way of advertising, and thanks to printing houses such as Drukarnia Kolumb, the preparation and implementation of such a project is very quick and without problems.


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