The circulation of documents in the company, i.e. how to bring order 

to the company’s documentation and not go crazy?

Little baby, little trouble, big bigger. The adage has been known for years. Can they be perversely compared to business and say that the larger the company, the more problems, especially administrative and office problems, multiply at an alarming rate? Undoubtedly, yes, because in this case we are dealing with an incoming mass of documents, orders, inquiries or invoices that must be properly classified and processed.


While a micro-company can handle it, due to the great organization of its owner, 

and the corporation employs a team of external advisors and experts, the so-called medium-sized enterprise will have the biggest problem here, and most of those on our market. It is not small enough for the owner to handle everything and large enough to be able to outsource external services. And yet the market is as demanding for him as it is for others. So what is an entrepreneur supposed to do at meetings, 

when he needs to have immediate access to specific documents – invoices, settlements, reports?

Streamlining bureaucracy

Regardless of the industry, each activity is associated with the generation of hundreds or thousands of documents. While much attention is paid to their visual environment related 

to corporate visual identification, it is much less important to their proper circulation in the company.


And in fact, it is enough to introduce simple, streamlining procedures that will make life easier not only for people associated with their administration and accounting, but for all employees responsible for using them at a later time. That is why each company introduces its own office system, which brings order and thanks to it, you can avoid unpleasant consequences in the future, such as missing documents or important correspondence.


Described and numbered, or sorted later into appropriate files, 

depending on the chosen method of archiving, must be all letters coming to the company from outside, but also internal information passed on to employees. As you can imagine, it is not easy without the appropriate technological support 

in the form of a computer system. 


A great facilitation in the case of traditional document circulation are undoubtedly specialist accessories and office furniture available on the market, such as the so-called filing cabinets, but they are only a support for people and will certainly not help them. But what to do when we need to find one specific document at a time and we do not fully remember what number of the case was assigned to him, and the matter that we have to deal with is urgent? Before such a problem arises, we should ensure that we have unlimited access to all company documentation at any time.

Document circulation for the 21st century

Here, as well as in many other areas of life, modern programming solutions come with help. I am talking about an application for electronic document flow. Thanks to it, we receive ongoing access to the database of documents and information related to both our company and its contractors. In addition, although often highly technologically advanced, it is still easier and more pleasant to use.

– Document circulation management systems have been available on the market for a long time, these solutions work well in every company, independent of the industry. They successfully replace the traditional paper document flow in every enterprise,  

and in the event of territorial dispersion of branches, they significantly reduce the time of access to source documents – says Paweł Matejko, President of the Management Board of ALTAB SA, a company providing specialized software for companies. 


By deciding to use electronic document flow, we minimize the risk related to the loss of documents, as well as optimize and accelerate the processes, e.g. registration or entering letters sent to the company. Thanks to such documentation, we have access to all documentsat any time 

and company materials. 

Time is money The

modern world forces us to make decisions quickly and we cannot delay. That is why the optimization of company processes is so important. When using software for electronic document circulation, we have access to the necessary information at any time, whether it is about a specific client, a project underway, a purchased device or a transaction that is interesting for us at a given moment.  


– Thanks to such a system, we will find the necessary contracts, invoices, protocols and other necessary documents, without having to wait for their arduous search. We will not be forced to nervously browse through piles of binders, because everything we need can be found on our computer by searching by name, surname, tax identification number or any other phrase – explains Paweł Matejko.

This type of keeping company documentation is also perfect for companies that have dispersed branches in different parts of the country or the world. It gives the possibility to adjust the path of the circulation of documents and information objects to the specific requirements of the organization. An important issue is also the fact that programs for electronic document circulation are becoming easier to use 

and have a friendly interface and intuitive menu that allows you to navigate efficiently through the entire application. 


When running a company, it is worth considering the improvement of its functioning, 

as well as supporting your employees. Equipped with the right tools, they will be much more effective and willing to work. And happy and less tired, because they are partially replaced by software, employees are a better prospering company 

and greater profits! So sometimes it is worth investing in the development of the company to enjoy its next successes!


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