One of the most important obligations of every employer is to provide employees with appropriate conditions for safe work. Occupational health and safety training is important here, which every employee must undergo periodically, regardless of the position. Of course, depending on the type of work performed, training may cover different areas of knowledge, as well as be carried out with different frequency. What do the regulations say about it?

Why is periodic health and safety training mandatory?

Some people ask whether such periodic training is compulsory at all and here it should be made clear – yes, it is mandatory. This is determined by the provisions of the Labor Code, as well as by ordinances of the Minister of Economy and Labor. The main goal of such trainings is to update and consolidate the knowledge already possessed in the field of health and safety, and it has a large impact on the safety of employees in the company. Conducting periodic health and safety training is carried out by companies that most often have extensive experience in this field, such as . Occupational health and safety courses cover various types of positions, from office and managerial to manual and construction workers.

When is periodic health and safety training for employers?

In addition to training employees, it should also be remembered that employers also need to undergoemployees, regular courses and training, as they are responsible for managing theirincluding their safety.


Such courses must take place at least every 5 years and usually take the form of seminars or guided self-study. Health and safety training lasts no less than 16 hours.

How often is periodic health and safety training for engineering and technical employees?

Work in engineering and technical positions, as well as those that are largely exposed to dangerous factors that may endanger health and life, require specialist preparation. Training should take place periodically every 5 years and the same is the case with people who conduct on-the-job training and perform health and safety service tasks. They can take the form of courses, seminars or guided self-education. The length of such training may vary from 8 to 32 hours, depending on the position.

How often is periodic health and safety training for office workers carried out?

Office and administrative workers, although they sit behind desks most of the time, are also exposed to a number of different dangers that may, to a greater or lesser extent, threaten their health and life. Therefore, in addition to the introductory training, there are also periodic courses that must be held every 6 years. Importantly, the first such training should be completed within 12 months from the date of commencement of work, and this applies to each newly hired employee.

How often is periodic health and safety training for workers?

Two types of certificates can be distinguished here. In general, for manual workers, such periodic OSH training must take place every 3 years, the first of which must take place no later than 12 months after employment. However, if we are dealing with workers who are particularly exposed to the risk of loss of health and life, such periodic training must take place once every 1 year. Here, the form of training includes on-the-job instruction and a lecture, and the course itself does not last longer than 8 hours.

As you can see, periodic training in companies is an obligationthat applies to everyone. Each employer should take into account the periodic training schedule in the field of health and safety and make sure that they take place at specified intervals.


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