HOW TO EFFECTIVELY Conduct an interview?


When opening a company, we often decide to hire several employees. However, due to lack of experience, it happens that we make many mistakes in choosing them. We are not able to specify our requirements, choose the right people adequately to the position.

What principles should be followed when building a company team? How to check and how to recruit?

What do you expect?

At the beginning, you should ask yourself what position are we looking for an employee?

What qualities are important for a given vacancy, whether we are talking about someone with leadership skills or a person for the job. Will the tasks require your own creativity, or is it just schematic work requiring logical thinking or working with numbers? Remember that the questions you ask should define the type of employee you are looking for.


You should ask the same questions for each recruited, thanks to such a procedure you are able to consistently and objectively compare all applicants with each other.


Remember that your questions should only be about relevant professional stuff. Unnecessary non-job interviews are a waste for you and your future subordinate. Therefore, in an independent position, the question of whether he can work in a group may turn out to be irrelevant, since we are not looking for such a model of man anyway. The information provided should not offend anyone or build an erroneous opinion about the desired position in the company.



When choosing an employee, you should specify your requirements and the tasks that await the future employee. Therefore, at the interview, it is worth highlighting the responsibilities that the subordinate will have to cope with. To avoid disappointment, we should not withhold information as this will destroy the company’s image and put us in a bad light. If the work lasts 8 hours, but it happens that the employee stays overtime, we are obliged to inform the recruiter about it.


The more honestly we treat the interview, the more dedicated employee we can expect.

How should the interview go?

The reception and the rest of the interview will take place depending on our approach, therefore, we should not create a hostile and contemptuous environment. The stiff atmosphere sometimes blocks people, preventing the rest of the conversation, which is a stressful challenge for most of us. Therefore, at the beginning, let’s make sure you smile, shake hands, and ask about your mood. Due to savoir vivre, it is also worth providing a drink.


In fact, the first impression, the way the recruit speaks, may already be the beginning of the assessment we give him.

What to pay attention to, how to proceed?

Open questions stage shouldn’t be embarrassing. Therefore, we should allow the applicant to think about the answer. Let us not rush, because such behavior builds up unnecessary tension.


Sometimes we can observe how the person sitting on the other side behaves, how he builds sentences, and how he creates his individual attitude. Let us therefore pay attention to whether he has an open or closed attitude. What facial expressions are built by emotions, whether he looks into the eyes, or maybe hides his eyesight.

Pay attention to the dress code.

Appropriate clothing is almost as important as the conversation, because only a neat, well-groomed employee will take his duties seriously. The acceptable colors for an interview obviously depend on the position. Working as a lawyer will probably differ enormously from the outfit that will be worn by a candidate looking for a job offer as an employee of the marketing department, copywriter, who requires creativity and being a hit, then in addition to a white shirt or jacket in subdued colors, a sharp accent on the outfit is allowed. Everything should be stylish and tasteful.


We should not employ an employee who came to the interview inappropriately dressed, short skirts, lack of tights or inelegant pants, hoodies are unacceptable items of clothing. A person in such an outfit should not occupy a special position, because he has already committed a foux pas during the recruitment. You have to consider how it will proceed in the future and whether we will agree to it.

Take notes, build a picture.

Work is in high demand nowadays. Lack of job offers on the Internet means that we receive millions of CVs and cover letters in our inboxes. The people invited should be noted in our notes. Based on the memories, notes and diagrams that we write down, we will choose an employee.

What to ask? How to listen?

  • Questions should also raise tasks, put the person in a scenario-based situation and check how he will deal with the problem. Thanks to this, you can easily check if this man is looking for.
  • Let the candidate ask questions, you will find out the reason for taking the job. If he is only interested in earning money, you can remove him from your list of applicants right away.
  • Ask about the previous job, the reason for leaving and why they are choosing this particular position.
  • It is worth mentioning the topic of his interests, the last book, the play he watched. Interests are almost as important as work because they make us grow.

The rest of the conversation and the decisions made are a matter of your thoughts, so try to be objective in your choice.


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