Don’t know how much a professional website costs? You have no idea how to go about it? Trust specialists who will create the perfect website for you in even 7 days. Here are some great tips to answer a few questions that bother you.

Creating websites is not easy because it requires knowledge of even simple CMS programs. If this is done with the right graphic design, HTML code or appropriate content, stylistically correct and advertising catchy, you can have doubts about creating a website yourself. Building a website is also covered by other guidelines. The website must be either responsive or separate for mobile devices. A responsive website is one that displays correctly on computers and mobile devices, and the mobile version is a separate mobile homepage equivalent. If we include positioning in the creation of a page, it may turn out to be an unsustainable topic for a layman.

Why is it worth having a modern website?

Websites are a showcase of every modern company. However, just having a page is no longer enough. Currently, websites are viewed more on mobile devices than on computers. Already in 2012, the number of smartphones in the world exceeded the number of users. A modern website must be transparent to any electronic device that allows viewing of content on the Internet.



Currently, the latest devices such as screen refrigerators, TV sets allow you to browse websites and online shopping. Investing in a very good website is a must so that the customer can freely use your services or goods.


Web pages do not always follow the same design. If you operate in the insurance market and run a sole proprietorship, you do not need to have an extensive website, you just need a simple, simple business card website. A small, small page that loads quickly, easily presents the customer with the offer, services and contact. Its task is to inform consumers about your activities and to bring them closer.

In the case of larger operations and large companies, an expansion version is needed, which will be divided into a home page and a mobile version. Too much information on the home page, i.e. the enormity of goods, will cause the website to load slowly, which will discourage the customer from buying via a smartphone or tablet.

Personalization also applies to website operation. The constructed website allows you to easily manage the information posted on it. A simple CMS will allow the employee or owner to add new articles, items or edit old content without knowing HTML.

How much does a website cost?


The website itself in the form of a business card costs around a thousand zlotys. Simple message, contact form and a nice graphic design. A more extensive website with several tabs can cost about PLN 1,500, and the business version even several thousand PLN.

Website positioning can increase the price of a website. Creating a website does not guarantee customer traffic. In order to obtain traffic on the website, it must be registered with Google and then raised in the search results. Raising the page in search results is based on the use of keywords, optimization of the content on the page itself and advertising by online publications or Google Adwords. Positioning can cost up to PLN 300 to several dozen thousand PLN and depends on the chosen strategy, i.e. its duration and the scope of services.


A good website is not only fast, well-positioned, but also safe for the owner and other users. A professional company that creates a website will protect it against hacker attacks, harmful viruses or even viral mailing. In addition to security on the website, you should also think about mobile and office devices. A lot of hacker attacks and data theft do not take place via a website, but printers equipped with simple software. Even with very good security of the website and e-mail, the device (laptop, tablet) can be infected, data stolen by such simple devices as a fax, printer or multifunction device. Choose office devices with security and additionally secure your website and servers.

Is it worth having your own website? Of course it is, but its creation is worth recommending to professionals. As it is easy to deduce, there are so many variables that determine the effectiveness and security of the website that it is difficult to cope with such a task alone.


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