Internet companies are well aware of how much effective positioning is to survive in today’s market. Of course, this efficiency includes the ratio of costs to results. In other words – how much budget should be allocated to SEO to obtain satisfactory results? This is naturally a very individual matter, but there are a number of factors that determine the pricing of this type of service. They will be described in this article.

What do we pay attention to in the first place?

Most SEO agencies base the valuation of services on the analysis of parameters such as link profile and the degree of optimization. By pre-evaluating your domain authority, you will be able to determine how much work will be required to strengthen it sufficiently to gain and maintain high positions. This approach is much more productive than the method often used in the industry to evaluate the competitiveness of an industry based on the number of results returned by a search engine. There are many phrases that return a huge amount of results, but are not competitive. These are very general phrases, such as „first”.

Therefore, the assessment of the difficulty of a given query requires a slightly more in-depth analysis. You will need to use a keyword planner. By checking the queries of interest to us, we will learn the following parameters:

– number of searches for a given phrase,

– rate per click.


To simplify it, it can be said that the difficulty of phrases is directly proportional to them. However, this does not take into account the fact that rarely searched phrases can also be very competitive if they are entered by customers who are ready to order exclusive products or services. In their case, the cost-per-click can be high despite the small number of searches, which is why the first parameter is the most important for us.

Thorough domain analysis We

have already mentioned above that positioning valuation is largely based on domain analysis. It includes activities such as:

domain history – it should be checked whether, for example, a fine has not been imposed on the website by the search engine – then the cost of the service will be higher,

website visibility rating in the search engine,

link profile – the higher the quality of the links to the website, the lower the costs will be,

website content evaluation – the higher the domain optimization level, the less work the agency will have to do.

So with positioning valuation is a bit like repairing a car – the more serious the faults, the higher the costs of the service!

Type of planned activities and labor costs

In addition to the domain analysis and the competitiveness of phrases, the type of planned activities is also taken into account when evaluating positioning. The strategy may take into account both relatively cheap methods, such as website catalogs or profiles on portals, as well as more expensive methods, such as content marketing. One cannot forget about such a prosaic issue as the costs of running a business. Especially in the case of a small agency, fixed costs, utilities or a fee for access to specialized tools must be taken into account.


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