Both virtual activities and the traditional form of sale require the support of additional tools and appropriate contact with the customer. Regardless of whether the transactions are real or virtual, entrepreneurs should constantly take care of relations with current and potential buyers.


Nowadays, it is more and more difficult to reach out with information about a product or service, both due to greater competition and the multitude of similar offer messages. When counting on success, it is necessary to distinguish it, clear message, speed of reaching and appropriate selection of channels for contact with consumers. It is also necessary to bear in mind the growing requirements of customers who expect that in tandem with high-quality purchases, they can count on the same level of service and communication as well as individual treatment. What tools are worth using in commercial activities?


Old but old e-mail marketing


E-mail marketing is the oldest method of internet marketing that is around 40 years old. Despite the death of e-mail announced over and over again, it must be objectively stated that e-mail is doing well and continues to fulfill its role, while competing with more modern forms. According to the current data of the Central Statistical Office, as many as 58% of Internet users treat checking their e-mail as the most important goal in using the Internet (this is the most frequently indicated answer).


So it’s no wonder that it is still one of the most important channels for e-marketers. According to estimates, almost half of them planned to increase their e-mail marketing budget in 2017.


– Properly conducted e-mail campaigns can bring satisfactory results, e.g. in acquiring leads and building a database of recipients of future messages. By additionally using modern tools, such as an SMTP server in the cloud, we can ensure e-mail deliverability at the level of 99.8%, and also gain access to advanced statistical data – says Michał Walachowski Managing Director EmailLabs – Remember, however, that a good result and audience engagement can be achieved primarily by sending valuable messages to the right people at the right time. Before sending the newsletter, you should therefore consider whether it carries any value for the reader – adds Walachowski.


Customer relationship management in CRM


The effectiveness of commercial activities and customer service can also be influenced by CRM, which allows you to collect and analyze information about the customer in a central place. StartUp CRM informs you when the user logs in to the store, what products he or she browses, what device he uses and what his preferences are. Thanks to this, it is possible to segment customers or the product range. CRM can also record and share inventory, conduct a discount policy, help control sales results, and even manage a sales team. These types of functionalities allow the store to be tailored to the individual needs of customers, thereby increasing their liking and loyalty to the brand.


On the web you can find many applications for managing a CRM company in the cloud (e.g.


Supporting online and mobile activities is extremely important not only because of increasing sales in online stores, but also for the ROPO effect (Research Online Purchase Offline), i.e. the finalization of transactions by consumers in a stationary manner, based on information found on the web. Thanks to modern tools, an entrepreneur can not only build brand awareness, but also improve communication with the client, as well as increase the conversion of marketing activities carried out, which will certainly translate into sales. 


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