Organizing a successful and professional business meeting requires appropriate preparation and the involvement of many resources and resources. While focusing on the most important issues, we sometimes forget about no less important details. Remember that quality is often in the details.

Strategy is the basis

When organizing a business event, a clear vision of the venture is crucial. The road to its implementation may turn out to be full of surprises. Good organization and a detailed action plan will allow you to avoid them. Each meeting for a larger number of people requires strategic planning, and thus a lot of work. Depending on the scale of the project, the preparation of the conference may take us from several weeks to several months. With the enormity of organizational matters, we focus primarily on the most important ones, i.e. creating a budget, choosing a place, preparing invitations and conference materials, etc. However, among the many basic things that need to be taken care of, let’s not forget some details. There are many details that, although they seem insignificant, may de facto determine the success of the entire undertaking. 


When choosing a conference venue, the general conditions of the venue, its standard and decor are most often taken into account. However, one should not forget about such an important issue as location.


location in the city center will not always be a desirable convenience for invited guests. Contrary to appearances, it is the conference rooms located on the outskirts of the city that can offer us more. The arguments in favor of such facilities are both the lack of traffic jams, especially during rush hour, and the access to main exit routes. The location is of particular importance when organizing an international conference, where a good connection to the airport will be extremely important.  


The issue of parking spaces is also important. Facilities located on the outskirts can afford the construction of a large, spacious parking lot that can accommodate up to several hundred cars. Hotels or restaurants in the city center cannot offer their guests a larger car park. When deciding on such a place, we must take into account the fact that our guests will face numerous inconveniences. They will be forced to look for alternative parking spaces that must be paid for.  

Technical facilities Technical

service is one of the key issues related to contemporary events. Equipping conference rooms with modern equipment enabling professional meetings is already a standard. And not everyone who organizes the event has to be an IT expert, and the computers and audiovisual equipment during the conference must work flawlessly. It is worth considering that you will need the help of a specialist during it. Therefore, it is worth making sure that in the place where we plan the event, we can count on professional technical facilities and a person who will watch over the smooth course of the meeting. Otherwise, we will have to take care of it personally or hire an additional person. 

Signage of the room 

If we are preparing a larger event in a conference center that has more rooms, it is worth thinking about a good marking for guiding the invited guests from the entrance to the conference room. It is easy to get confused in new places. It is worth saving your guests from this and placing maps and arrows on the premises that will direct those interested to the right room. If the event is international, the guests from abroad deserve special attention, as they should not only be received in the best possible way, but also ensure that they do not have any problems with reaching the meeting place. For this purpose, information and conference materials in a foreign language will be necessary, which will be delivered to them in advance. They should also be available at the conference venue. 

Free time.

Conferences or conventions are not only presentations, lectures and panels, discussions, but also time between individual parts of the meeting. It is also worth considering that the participants could use this time somehow. Therefore, at the stage of choosing the place where the event will take place, it is worth paying attention to whether the facility offers any additional attractions. This is especially important in the case of multi-day conferences. Thanks to this, guests will be able not only to relax but also have a good time. It is also good to take care of accompanying persons, for whom a special program can be organized, taking into account, for example, the surrounding monuments. 


According to Agata Zięba-Śladowska, Conference and Training Specialist at the Witek Hotel and Conference Center in Krakow: “The most frequent inquiries regarding the organization of an event include questions about the number of parking spaces and proximity to the main exit routes. A useful convenience for conference participants is also a direct exit from the conference room to the outside. Thanks to this, event participants can go out and get some fresh air at any time ”. 


Good organization consists in the ability to combine many elements into a harmonious whole. Taking care of such issues affects not only the overall success of the project, but also the image of the company that organizes the meeting. 


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