Having an online store, an important element is the knowledge of your customers and the ability to reach the target customer.

Unfortunately, many owners have no idea how to achieve this. They don’t know that there is a very simple tool like web analytics. What is this? It is a process during which data from websites and applications is collected, analyzed and, on this basis, specific actions are taken.

What ananalyst is about online store

Such an analysis can apply to literally everything from website traffic, from the user’s path to the purchase, through trends in visitor behavior, to websites where a potential customer has entered your store via a referral link.

Analytics in the online store can be divided into sectors:

1) Data collection

2) Data analysis

3) Reports

4) Recommendations

Key Performance Indicators

You start implementing such analytics at the beginning of your activity, by generating sales reports, and their compilation is the analytical data.


Each administration panel allows you to generate statistics.

First, however, you should define the goals, i.e. the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). They will be different for each online store, because they depend on the company’s assumptions and strategic and operational goals, e.g. the level of customer satisfaction, the number of complaints, the number of damaged goods, high quality of service, high profit, increasing sales, increasing brand recognition.

You have to choose the most important data because generating irrelevant reports is a waste of time. Such web analytics are to help you learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Reporting helps to find the so-called bottlenecks. It is on their basis that you can choose the appropriate actions to improve traffic and sales on the site.

Tools for web analysis

The best known and free tools are Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and 4qsurvey. They allow you to monitor what is happening on the website of the online store and in its surroundings. There are also many other paid and extensive programs out there, but first you need to think about key goals.

If you need professional service, and you do not have time to deal with analytics yourself, use the professional help of interactive agencies.


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